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84, D. Guramishvili Ave.,
Tbilisi, Georgia, 0141

JSC “Elmavalmshenebeli”


Joint-stock company “Elmavalmshenebeli” is the main producer of main line DC electric locomotives on the territory of the former USSR. Electric locomotives VL10U, VL11M, VL15 produced by TEVZ carry out more than a half of all freight transportations on Russian railways.

JSC "Elmavalmshenebeli" is the only producer of coke quenching electric locomotives of different modifications (EK13, EK-14, EK-15) with 35-year experience on the territory of the former USSR.

The enterprise successfully carries out major overhauling and modernization of main line and industrial electric locomotives of different modifications.

The structure of the plant includes Special Designers Bureau (SDB). Long-time experience allows SDB to generate projects of new electric locomotives and units to them. Some of electric locomotives were generated by SDB for the first time in the world.


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